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Tide Graph - for the iPhone
USA Tide Predictions for iPhone, iPad, Mac OSX, and websites
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Tide Graph -

Latest News:

  • Tide Graph 3.3 is compatible with iOS 6.
  • Tide Graph 1.3 for Mac OS X is compatible with Mountain Lion and earlier.

Tide Graph for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac OSX

by Brainware LLC

Download from Tide Graph

Feature List

  • Tide Tables (monthly view)
  • Horizontal view (tilt the phone and see a bigger graph).
  • Save Your Favorite Locations
  • Uses your internet connection to get the latest tide graphs.
  • Interactive graph shows you Tide information as you move the cursor.
  • Based on the same tide prediction algorithms used by the National Ocean Service.
  • Automatically sorts Tide Stations based on your geographical location.
  • Indicates how far the Tide Station is from your current location.
  • Choose any date in the past or in the future.
  • Automatically remembers your Station when launched.
  • All times shown in the local time of the Tide Station.
  • Sunrise and sunset and moonlight graph.
  • Tide, Sun, and Moon event information.
  • Tide list stored in the application now for faster selection.
  • Fixed several crash bugs caused by multi threading nature of the application.
  • Remembers last tide graph when you are out of network coverage.
  • Map button shows satellite view of port in Maps application
  • Built in help button and easier to switch locations.
  • Day + and Day - buttons to switch days quicker.