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Tide Graph - for the iPhone
USA Tide Predictions for iPhone, iPad, Mac OSX, and websites
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Tide Graph shows tide PREDICTIONS not actual measured tide levels. These predictions can be greatly effected by storms, seismic events, global sea level changes, and many other factors. The data for each stations varies in quality. We hope that this app will be useful but we do not guarantee that the predictions levels are accurate. Many people find it very useful including fisherman, surfers, hikers, boaters, and more. However, you should not rely on these predictions if there is any chance that harm could come to you in the event that they are incorrect. This app can help you have more fun and it is intended for entertainment purposes only and should not be used for anything that could put you or others at risk.


Checkout out our Station Finder (in the tab above) to see if the app has stations in your area.

Note: Tide Graph uses tide predictions based on data provided by NOAA.org. We are not in control of the list of tide stations that they provide or the accuracy of this data. Tide levels for most of the stations are actually based on measurements from just a few reference stations. However, the tide levels very similar if you are within a few miles of another location, so you can use these instead. It is not like a surf report where the angle of the water flow can change the quality of the surf every few hundred yards. Tides are mostly based on the gravitational pull of the moon and the sun which are generally the same over miles.

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