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Tide Locations

Tide Graph only includes station data that is in the public domain. Several other countries have station data but they restrict the usage to non-commercial applications only. So, I am unable to provide any more locations at this time.

Station List

Stations which are geographically close to one other have similar tides. There are thousands to choose from. To get a list of tide locations in your area, select an area below and press the GO button:

Abbapoola Creek entrance, Stono River, South Carolina32.6767,-80.0067
Airy Hall Plantation, Ashepoo River, South Carolina32.6317,-80.4717
Albergottie Creek, Rt. 21 bridge, Beaufort River, South Carolina32.4500,-80.7317
Allston Creek, Murrells Inlet, South Carolina33.5317,-79.0533
Arundel Plantation, Great Pee Dee River, South Carolina33.4833,-79.1783
Ashepoo, Ashepoo River, South Carolina32.7433,-80.5567
Ashepoo-Coosaw Cutoff, ICWW, Ashepoo River, South Carolina32.5250,-80.4517
Back River Reservoir, West Branch, Cooper River, South Carolina32.9950,-79.9367
Bacon Bridge, Ashley River, South Carolina32.9583,-80.2033
Baileys Landing, Okatee River, Colleton River, South Carolina32.3467,-80.89
Battery Creek, 4 mi. above entrance, Beaufort River, South Carolina32.4133,-80.7
Beaufort, Beaufort River, South Carolina32.4300,-80.675
Ben Sawyer Bridge, ICWW, South Carolina32.7733,-79.8417
Bennet's Dock, Pawleys Island Creek, South Carolina33.4350,-79.1267
Big Paradise Island, Wando River, South Carolina32.9150,-79.7467
Black River (south of Dunbar), Great Pee Dee River, South Carolina33.5117,-79.3417
Blessing Plantation, East Branch, Cooper River, South Carolina33.0550,-79.88
Bloody Point, Daufuskie Island, New River, South Carolina32.0817,-80.8783
Bluff Islands, Ashepoo River, South Carolina32.5783,-80.4933
Bluff Plantation, Combahee River, South Carolina32.6833,-80.7383
Bluff Point, Wadmalaw River, South Carolina32.6467,-80.2567
Bluffton, May River, South Carolina32.2300,-80.8617
Bonneau Ferry, East Branch, Cooper River, South Carolina33.0717,-79.8833
Boulders Island, New Chehaw River, Combahee River, South Carolina32.5650,-80.5167
Braddock Point, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina32.1133,-80.83
Breach Inlet, Isle of Palms, South Carolina32.7767,-79.8117
Briars Creek ent., Wimbee Creek, Bull River, Coosaw River, South Carolina32.5783,-80.67
Brickyard Ferry, swing bridge, Ashepoo River, South Carolina32.6133,-80.4817
Brickyard Point, Brickyard Creek, Coosaw River, South Carolina32.4933,-80.685
Broad Creek, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina32.1850,-80.7533
Broughton Point, Hazzard Creek, Broad River, South Carolina32.4100,-80.885
Brown Island, South Santee River, South Carolina33.1500,-79.3333
Buck Hall, Awendaw Creek, Bulls Bay, South Carolina33.0400,-79.56
Bucksport, Waccamaw River, South Carolina33.6467,-79.095
Bull Creek entrance, Waccamaw River, South Carolina33.5967,-79.0983
Bull Creek, Bull Island South, Cooper River, South Carolina32.1650,-80.8567
Bull Island North, May River, South Carolina32.2000,-80.815
Cainhoy, Wando River, South Carolina32.9267,-79.83
Calibogue Cay, Broad Creek, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina32.1533,-80.795
Callawassie Creek, Colleton River, South Carolina32.3167,-80.8417
Callawassie Island Bridge, Colleton River, South Carolina32.3417,-80.8567
Callawassie Island, south, Colleton River, South Carolina32.3133,-80.86
Canaday Landing, south of, Edisto River, South Edisto River, South Carolina32.8133,-80.4067
Cape Romain, 46 miles east of, South Carolina33.1000,-78.4333
Cape Romain, South Carolina33.0167,-79.35
Capers Creek, Cowen Creek, St. Helena Island, Beaufort River, South Carolina32.3717,-80.605
Capers Creek, South Capers Island, South Carolina32.8567,-79.7067
Capers Creek, South Capers Island, South Carolina (sub)32.8567,-79.7067
Capers Island, Trenchards Inlet, South Carolina32.2733,-80.585
Captain Alex's Marina, Parsonage Creek, Murrells Inlet, South Carolina33.5517,-79.0367
Carr Creek, 1 mile above entrance, Great Pee Dee River, South Carolina33.4650,-79.1867
Carters Dock, Big Bay Creek, South Edisto River, South Carolina32.4933,-80.3267
Casino Creek, ICWW, South Carolina33.1083,-79.3933
Cedar Island Point, South Santee River, South Carolina33.1200,-79.27
Cedar Island, North Santee Bay, South Carolina33.1400,-79.245
Charleston, Cooper River Entrance, South Carolina32.7817,-79.925
Chechessee Bluff, Chechessee River, South Carolina32.3733,-80.8367
Cherry Grove (inside), South Carolina33.8350,-78.6333
Church Creek bridge, Wadmalaw River, South Carolina32.7150,-80.0917
Church Flats, Stono River, South Carolina32.7467,-80.165
Clambank Creek, Goat Island, North Inlet, South Carolina33.3333,-79.1933
Clouter Creek, north entrance, Cooper River, South Carolina32.9067,-79.935
Clouter Creek, south entrance, Cooper River, South Carolina32.8600,-79.9383
Club Bridge Creek ent., Trenchards Inlet, South Carolina32.3350,-80.5417
Colleton River Entrance, South Carolina32.3217,-80.7917
Conway, RR. bridge, Waccamaw River, South Carolina33.8350,-79.0417
Cook Landing Cemetery, New River, South Carolina32.1950,-81
Corning Landing, Whale Branch, Broad River, South Carolina32.5000,-80.785
Cosgrove Bridge, Ashley River, South Carolina32.8350,-79.9867
Cowen Creek, Rt. 21 bridge, Beaufort River, South Carolina32.3983,-80.6167
Crab Haul Creek, Oyster Landing, South Carolina33.3517,-79.1867
Cuckolds Creek, Combahee River, South Carolina32.7133,-80.695
Cumberland, Sampit River, South Carolina33.3700,-79.4333
Daufuskie Landing, Daufuskie Island, New River, South Carolina32.1033,-80.895
Dawho Bridge, Dawho River, North Edisto River, South Carolina32.6367,-80.3417
Dawho River, South Edisto River, South Carolina32.6567,-80.3917
Distant Island Creek, upper end, Cowen Creek, Beaufort River, South Carolina32.4017,-80.6533
Distant Island, Cowen Creek, Beaufort River, South Carolina32.3783,-80.6333
Divine's Dock, Murrells Inlet, South Carolina33.5417,-79.0283
Doughboy Island, New River, South Carolina32.1383,-80.9317
Drayton, Bee's Ferry, Ashley River, South Carolina32.8483,-80.0517
Duck Island, Ashley River, South Carolina32.8300,-79.9667
Dunn Sound, Little River Inlet, South Carolina33.8583,-78.57
Dunn Sound, north end, South Carolina33.8600,-78.58
Dunn Sound, west end, South Carolina33.8517,-78.5883
Dupont, Dean Hall, Cooper River, South Carolina33.0583,-79.9367
Edding Point, Edding Creek, Morgan River, South Carolina32.4467,-80.5333
Edisto Beach, Edisto Island, South Carolina32.5017,-80.2967
Edisto Marina, Big Bay Creek entrance, South Edisto River, South Carolina32.4933,-80.34
Elliott Cut entrance, Stono River, South Carolina32.7633,-80.0017
Enterprise Landing, Waccamaw River, South Carolina33.6667,-79.0667
Entrance, Waccamaw River, South Carolina33.3667,-79.255
Euhaw Creek, 2.5 mi. above entrance, Broad River, South Carolina32.4350,-80.8517
Fenwick Island, South Edisto River, South Carolina32.5600,-80.4183
Fields Cut, Wright River, South Carolina32.0867,-80.9333
Fields Point, Combahee River, South Carolina32.5667,-80.5617
Five Fathom Creek entrance, Bulls Bay, South Carolina33.0000,-79.5
Folly Creek, Hwy. 171 bridge, South Carolina32.6750,-79.9517
Folly Island (outer coast), South Carolina32.6500,-79.9333
Folly River Bridge, Flooy Island, South Carolina32.6617,-79.945
Folly River, north, Folly Island, South Carolina32.6700,-79.9167
Fort Fremont, Beaufort River, South Carolina32.3067,-80.645
Fort Johnson, South Carolina32.7517,-79.8983
Fort Sumter, South Carolina32.7533,-79.8767
Frazier Point, South Carolina33.3167,-79.2833
Fripps Inlet, Hunting Island Bridge, St. Helena Sound, South Carolina32.3400,-80.465
Fripps Inlet, Hunting Island Bridge, St. Helena Sound, South Carolina (sub)32.3400,-80.465
Garden City Bridge, Main Creek, Murrells Inlet, South Carolina33.5783,-79.0033
Garden City Pier (ocean), South Carolina33.5750,-78.9967
General Dynamics Pier, Cooper River, South Carolina33.0083,-79.9233
General Dynamics Pier, Cooper River, South Carolina (sub)33.0083,-79.9233
Georgetown Lighthouse, South Carolina33.2233,-79.185
Georgetown, Sampit River, South Carolina33.3617,-79.28
Good Hope Landing, south of, New River, South Carolina32.1767,-80.9667
Goose Creek entrance, Cooper River, South Carolina32.9100,-79.9517
Grahamville, Waccamaw River, South Carolina33.8300,-78.9533
Greggs Landing, Matceba Gardens, Ashley River, South Carolina32.9283,-80.155
Hagley Landing, Waccamaw River, South Carolina33.4350,-79.1817
Haig Point, Daufuskie Island, Cooper River, South Carolina32.1467,-80.8367
Hamlin Creek, Isle of Palms, South Carolina32.7867,-79.7917
Hamlin Sound, South Carolina32.8267,-79.7867
Hanahan, Turkey Creek, Goose Creek, Cooper River, South Carolina32.9183,-80.0117
Harbor River Bridge, St. Helena Sound, South Carolina32.4033,-80.4533
Harbor River entrance, Bulls Bay, South Carolina33.0333,-79.535
Hargray Pier, Daufuskie Island, New River, South Carolina32.0983,-80.8983
Ho-Non-Wah Boy Scout Camp, Bohicket Creek, North Edisto River, South Carolina32.6250,-80.1667
Hobcaw Point, Wando River, South Carolina32.8217,-79.9
Hog Inlet Pier, South Carolina33.8367,-78.6067
Holly Grove Plantation, Great Pee Dee River, South Carolina33.5517,-79.1767
Hope Creek, Edisto River, South Edisto River, South Carolina32.7000,-80.4267
Hutchinson Island, Ashepoo River, South Carolina32.5517,-80.4817
Hwy. 170 bridge, Broad River, South Carolina32.3867,-80.7767
I-526 bridge, Ashley River, South Carolina32.8367,-80.0217
Isle of Palms Pier, South Carolina32.7833,-79.785
Jack Creek entrance, Bulls Bay, South Carolina32.9333,-79.5833
Jacksonboro Camp, South Edisto River, South Carolina32.7533,-80.45
Jacobs Wharf, Sampit River, South Carolina33.3633,-79.355
James Island Creek, 1 mi. above ent., Ashley River, South Carolina32.7450,-79.9483
Jamestown Bridge, Santee River, South Carolina33.3050,-79.6783
Jenkins Creek, 1 mi. above entrance, Morgan River, South Carolina32.4400,-80.5533
Jenkins Creek, Polawana Island, Morgan River, South Carolina32.4200,-80.5767
Johns Island, Church Creek, Wadmalaw River, South Carolina32.7067,-80.1567
Johnson Creek Bridge, Hunting Island, St. Helena Sound, South Carolina32.3917,-80.4383
Keysfield, Waccamaw River, South Carolina33.7450,-79.065
Kiawah River Bridge, South Carolina32.6033,-80.1317
Leadenwah Creek, 3 mi. above entrance, North Edisto River, South Carolina32.6367,-80.2017
Limehouse Bridge, Stono River, South Carolina32.7867,-80.105
Litchfield Beach bridge, South Carolina33.4717,-79.1017
Little Back River, Hwy. 17, Back River, Savannah River, South Carolina32.1650,-81.13
Little Bull Creek entrance, Bull Creek, Waccamaw River, South Carolina33.6017,-79.1183
Little River (town), South Carolina33.8700,-78.6083
Little River Neck, north end, South Carolina33.8700,-78.5733
Lobeco, Whale Branch, Coosaw River, South Carolina32.5733,-80.745
Lower Toogoodoo Creek, 2 mi. above entrance, North Edisto River, South Carolina32.7033,-80.2783
Lower Topsaw Landing, Great Pee Dee River, South Carolina33.6083,-79.1517
Lucy Point Creek entrance, Morgan River, South Carolina32.4517,-80.61
Magnolia Gardens, Ashley River, South Carolina32.8767,-80.0817
Marine Corps Air Station, Brickyard Creek, Beaufort River, South Carolina32.4650,-80.6917
McClellanville, Jeremy Creek, Bulls Bay, South Carolina33.0783,-79.46
Midway Inlet North, Pawleys Island, South Carolina33.4483,-79.1117
Minim Creek ent., ICWW, North Santee Bay, South Carolina33.1950,-79.275
Moores Landing, ICWW, Sewee Bay, South Carolina32.9367,-79.655
Moreland Cemetery, May River, South Carolina32.1750,-80.8917
Mt. Pleasant Plantation, Black River, Great Pee Dee River, South Carolina33.4950,-79.4617
Musselboro Island, Mosquito Creek, Ashepoo River, South Carolina32.5783,-80.4483
Myrtle Beach Airport, South Carolina33.8200,-78.7183
Myrtle Beach, Combination Bridge, South Carolina33.7133,-78.9217
Nixon Crossroads, South Carolina33.8550,-78.6483
North Dawson Landing, Coosawhatchie River, Broad River, South Carolina32.5617,-80.91
North Dewees Island, Capers Inlet, South Carolina32.8500,-79.7033
North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina33.7667,-78.815
North Santee Bridge, South Carolina33.2100,-79.385
North Santee River Inlet, South Carolina33.1333,-79.25
Nowell Creek, Wando River, South Carolina32.9000,-79.9
Oak Branch, Bohicket Creek, North Edisto River, South Carolina32.6833,-80.0967
Oaks Creek, 0.5 mi. above entrance, Murrells Inlet, South Carolina33.5300,-79.0433
Oaks Creek, upper end, Murrells Inlet, South Carolina33.5117,-79.0683
Ocella Creek, 2 mi. above entrance, North Edisto River, South Carolina32.5617,-80.2383
Old Capers Landing, Santee Pass, Capers Island, South Carolina32.8700,-79.6867
Old Rice Mill, West Branch, Cooper River, South Carolina33.0783,-79.925
Otter Island, St. Helena Sound, South Carolina32.4767,-80.42
Park Island, Tom Point Creek, North Edisto River, South Carolina32.6650,-80.3167
Parker Island, Horlbeck Creek, Wando River, South Carolina32.8850,-79.845
Parris Island, Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Beaufort River, South Carolina32.3500,-80.6683
Pawleys Island Pier (ocean), South Carolina33.4317,-79.1167
Penny Creek, south of, Edisto River, South Edisto River, South Carolina32.7150,-80.4367
Pennys Creek, west entrance, Stono River, South Carolina32.7683,-80.07
Peters Point, St. Pierre Creek, South Edisto River, South Carolina32.5400,-80.34
Pilot Island, West Branch Boyds Creek, Broad River, South Carolina32.5050,-80.8633
Pimlico, West Branch, Cooper River, South Carolina33.0950,-79.9533
Pinckney Island, Mackay Creek, Chechessee River, South Carolina32.2600,-80.7667
Pine Island, Ramshorn Creek, Cooper River, South Carolina32.1217,-80.8983
Pine Landing, South Edisto River, South Carolina32.6033,-80.3883
Pitch Landing, Waccamaw River, South Carolina33.8000,-79.055
Pleasant Hill Landing, Santee River, South Carolina33.2450,-79.5217
Point of Pines, North Edisto River, South Carolina32.5850,-80.2283
Port Royal Plantation, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina32.2200,-80.6683
Price Creek, North Capers Island, South Carolina32.8817,-79.6583
Purrysburg Landing, Savannah River, South Carolina32.3033,-81.1217
Quinby Creek bridge, East Branch, Cooper River, South Carolina33.0950,-79.8083
RR. Bridge, Hall Island, Broad River, South Carolina32.5217,-80.8383
Rhems, Black Mingo Creek, Black River, Great Pee Dee River, South Carolina33.6033,-79.4267
Richmond Plantation, East Branch, Cooper River, South Carolina33.0767,-79.855
Rockville, Bohicket Creek, North Edisto River, South Carolina32.5983,-80.195
Rt. 170 bridge, New River, South Carolina32.2367,-81.0117
Sams Point, Lucy Point Creek, Coosaw River, South Carolina32.4833,-80.5983
Sandblasters, Pennys Creek, Stono River, South Carolina32.7700,-80.0633
Savage I., Savage Creek, Bull Creek, South Carolina32.1850,-80.86
Seabrook, Ashepoo River, South Carolina32.5233,-80.4067
Sheldon, Huspa Creek, Whale Branch, Coosaw River, South Carolina32.5833,-80.7833
Shem Creek, South Carolina32.7933,-79.8817
Shipyard Creek, 0.8 mile above entrance., South Carolina32.8333,-79.95
Skull Creek, north entrance, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina32.2667,-80.7367
Skull Creek, south entrance, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina32.2233,-80.7717
Smith's Dock, Murrells Inlet, South Carolina33.5450,-79.045
Snake Island, Stono River, South Carolina32.6400,-80.015
Snow Point, 0.4 mi. North of, Cooper River, South Carolina32.9483,-79.9317
Socastee Bridge, South Carolina33.6867,-79.005
South Ashley Bridge, Ashley River, South Carolina32.7833,-79.9567
South Dewees Island, Dewees Inlet, South Carolina32.8333,-79.7267
South Island Ferry, Intracoastal Waterway, South Carolina33.2517,-79.2683
South Island Plantation (C.G. Station), South Carolina33.2350,-79.2033
South of Sam Worth Game Management Area, Great Pee Dee River, South Carolina33.4683,-79.1883
Springmaid Pier, Atlantic Ocean, South Carolina33.6550,-78.9183
Station Creek, County Landing, South Carolina32.3250,-80.6017
Station Creek, west end, South Carolina32.2800,-80.6383
Steamboat Landing, Steamboat Creek, North Edisto River, South Carolina32.6033,-80.2867
Sullivans Island (outer coast), South Carolina32.7667,-79.8333
Summerhouse Point, Bull River, Coosaw River, South Carolina32.5267,-80.5733
The Cove, Fort Moultrie, South Carolina32.7633,-79.8567
Thoroughfare Creek entrance, Waccamaw River, South Carolina33.5067,-79.1467
Toogoodoo Creek, 2 mi. above entrance, North Edisto River, South Carolina32.6683,-80.2933
Tulifiny River, I-95 bridge, Broad River, South Carolina32.6017,-80.9033
Turnbridge Landing, Salt Water Creek, South Carolina32.1283,-81.0117
U.S. 17 Bridge, Combahee River, South Carolina32.6517,-80.6833
U.S. Highway 17 bridge, South Santee River, South Carolina33.1850,-79.4067
Village Creek Cemetery, Morgan River, South Carolina32.4167,-80.52
Village Creek Entrance, Morgan River, South Carolina32.4450,-80.5033
Wachesaw Landing, Waccamaw River, South Carolina33.5600,-79.085
Wappoo Creek, highway bridge, Ashley River, South Carolina32.7667,-79.9733
Ward's Dock, Pawleys Inlet, South Carolina33.4117,-79.135
Weymouth Plantation, Great Pee Dee River, South Carolina33.4550,-79.205
Whale Branch entrance, Coosaw River, South Carolina32.5250,-80.675
Wharf Creek entrance, Bulls Bay, South Carolina32.9167,-79.6167
Wiggins, Chehaw River, Combahee River, South Carolina32.6017,-80.5417
Willtown Bluff, Edisto River, South Edisto River, South Carolina32.6817,-80.4167
Windsor Plantation, Black River, Great Pee Dee River, South Carolina33.4150,-79.25
Windsor Plantation, Russel Creek, North Edisto River, South Carolina32.5983,-80.345
Winea Plantation, Black River, Great Pee Dee River, South Carolina33.5350,-79.3883
Winyah Bay Entrance (South Jetty), South Carolina33.1833,-79.15
Woodville, Wando River, South Carolina32.9200,-79.7333
Yauhannah Bridge, Great Pee Dee River, South Carolina33.6600,-79.155
Yeamans Hall, Goose Creek, Cooper River, South Carolina32.9250,-79.9867
Yonges Island, Wadmalaw River, South Carolina32.6950,-80.2233